Eunoia Collective, founded by Victoria Michael; a South African author and social entrepreneur, is born out of a passion for art, an awareness of its ability to heal, a love for children, and an essential need to ease the pain caused by their adversity.  


Eunoia means to think beautifully. Our mission is to utilize art, mindfulness and creative means to ease suffering. Whether a child or adolescent, affected by trauma or simply needing to nurture their mental wellness, Eunoia seeks to inspire passion, cultivate hope, and connect people through art.


Brimming with enthusiasm, energy and clear vision, Michael is supported by an influential board of directors and advisors, experts in their relative fields; health practitioners, successful entrepreneurs, and leaders spearheading social and economic change through for-profit and nonprofit entities.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide children around the world with mental wellness and create eunoia through art, mindfulness, and human connection 


Our Vision

To implement global initiatives that strategically confront the three main issues responsible for the infringing mental health epidemic affecting our children;


Board of Directors

Born in South Africa to a family of visionaries and creatives, Ms. Michael is an author, philanthropist and entrepreneur.


Victoria Michael 

Dr. Hicks is active in the Tampa Bay community, serving on various boards and committees for nonprofits. 

PhD. Co-Chair

Melanie Hicks

Mrs. Norris is a soulful yogini and relentless advocate for women and children for two decades.


Carolyn Norris

Mr. Scaff is a software entrepreneur and technologist. with 35+ years of experience. 


Marvin Scaff

Ms. Walko began her career in Finance and Accounting more than 30 years ago. 


Janell Walko

Mr. Pelkey began his career as an Infantry officer in the US Army with paratrooper and light infantry assignments.

Product Manager

JP Pelkey

"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless."

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Get Involved 


Our mission is to nurture children’s mental wellness and create eunoia through art, mindfulness, and human connection.

Email: info@eunoia.org

Phone: 813-334-0553

Our EIN: 81-3006091

Location: Tampa Bay, FL 

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