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Eunoia Collective’s programs directly address our community’s need through proven, effective methods: healing arts, mindfulness and cultivating avenues to help children connect to others. 

We have 3 main programs. Click on each one to learn more. 

“The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech.”

~ Vincent Van Gogh

Heart books are the core to our mission and the answer to our most important question: How do we make healing arts and its intrinsic therapeutic value more accessible and affordable to children around the world?

Heart Books are designed to engage children and offer them a respite from an often painful reality. These revolutionary tools will incorporate art in all its manifestations and mindful practices to reach ‘eunoia’. Lessons that teach children how to cope with and understand difficult emotions can empower a child by revealing their hidden talents along with avenues for self-control, restoration, and regulation.
Heart Books unify art and technology to provide a sense of belonging and acceptance. Isolation is lethal and inclusivity is vital to a child who’s mental health is suffering. This engaging element of our program allows children to connect with others in similar situations from all over the world, ultimately helping them feel less alone and understood.
Heart Books are the keys to unlocking Eunoia and the Collective’s purpose; to stop pain from turning into hate and create a world which thinks beautifully


Through our line of fair trade, organic apparel, we hope to add volume to the conversations that will cultivate action and ultimately lead to change essential to our children's health and happiness

A visual sign of awareness and conversation, our apparel also serves as a point of engagement with our partner non-profits. Many of our items are designated with artwork curated by children and artists in partner organizations. A portion of all proceeds from those items are given back to the sponsoring organization to support global missions that advocate for children.


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